About Jarrahdale Primary School

Jarrahdale is a semi-rural community situated 50km S.E. of Perth in the Darling Scarp. The school is surrounded by natural bushland, which contributes to a sense of peace throughout the school. The traditional 'timber town' image no longer applies although local heritage rules are aimed at retaining the town's character. Formal school began in Jarrahdale in 1874. The school has been on its current site since 1954.

Jarrahdale is a very supportive school. Students currently have the benefit of small classes which enables teachers to provide stronger, more personalised support. Unlike large schools, the students and staff at Jarrahdale are all familiar with one another. As a result students feel secure at school, which leaves them free to grow and develop educationally and emotionally. The children are caring and friendly, ever ready to lend a hand or help others when required.

The school has an onsite Kindergarten/Pre Primary Unit, 4 classrooms, a library, computer laboratory, music and art rooms. A new library, canteen and undercover area was completed early 2011.  There is room on the premises for additional classrooms as the school grows with the number of younger children currently coming up through the school.

The school has implemented the Choose Respect program, which is proving to be highly successful in both the school and community. This program fosters and promoting a culture of respect at a school and comunity level. Students at Jarrahdale are immersed in the program in order to develop an understanding of the importance of recognising the value of respect of oneself and others.

Teaching staff are a blend of the more experienced practitioners and the recently appointed. Non teaching and support staff provide valuable assistance to the school's learning and teaching program. All staff value the school and are extremely committed to the education and support of children enrolled here and their families. The school's maths and literacy specialists work closely with other staff and students to ensure optimum educational support. The school also has staff who specialise in music, drama and sport.

The school maintains excellent parent-teacher communication. The P&C is extremetly active and an enthusiastic School Council supports the school's endeavours to improve student outcomes.

Parents are welcome to help in the school in many ways. School staff encourage and value parent participation and believe in maintaining a strong rapport with the community.

Jarrahdale Primary School welcomes all new families in the area to the school and encourages ongoing communication and a quality education program.